– Straight –

Boukman ‘Neat’

With a cube of good ice and a twist of orange. That's it! 
Boukman is the finest quality agricole style rum and is crafted to be enjoyed straight.


{ Vintage Cocktails }


• 2 oz Boukman Rum
• 2 oz fresh lime juice
• 1 oz grenadine
• 3 full dashes Angostura bitters
• 1 teaspoon white sugar

{ Process }
Dissolve sugar in lime juice.  Add to other ingredients and shake well with ice cubes.  Strain into a tall glass filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with a pineapple wedge speared to a cocktail cherry, and lime and orange wheels.  Finish it all off with a mint sprig.

Adapted from recipe in Playboy, August 1973. Credited to César Joseph,
bartender at the legendary Hotel Oloffson, Port au Prince.


• 1 shot Boukman Rum
• 1/2 cup coconut milk
• 1 tablespoon thick sugar syrup
• 1/2 cup crushed ice
• 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

{ Process }
Combine ingredients in shaker. Shake well.
Strain into glasses and sprinkle with grated coconut.

Adapted from ‘Cuisine des Pays Chauds’ 1940

Louise Mayard’s Creole Cocktail

• 2/3 Boukman Rum
• 1/6 fruit juice (lemon, orange,  pineapple, guava, grenadine or coconut)
• 1/6 simple syrup
• ice cubes or crushed ice

{ Process }
Combine ingredients in mason jar. Stir well.
Garnish with fresh mint or fruit.

Adapted from ‘Cuisine des Pays Chauds’ 1940


{ Modern Cocktails }


• 2 oz Boukman Rhum
• 4 dashes orange bitters
• ½ oz Pedro Ximenez sherry
• ice cubes

{ Process }
Combine ingredients in old-fashion glass.
Stir, garnish with an orange twist

Boukman Mint Julep

• 2 oz Boukman Rhum
• ½ oz honey or simple syrup
• mint
• crushed ice

{ Process }
Combine ingredients in your finest silver goblet.
Garnish with a mint sprig.

Haitian Swizzle

• 2 oz Boukman Rhum
• Peychaud bitters
• ¾ oz split ginger & honey
• ¾ oz lime juice
• mint

{ Process }
Place mint leaves in bottom of collins glass, build on top, crushed ice, generous dash of Peychaud bitters on top, top with crushed ice garnish with mint flourish

Pharmacist Antoine Peychaud left Port au Prince in 1795,
taking his recipes with him to his new home in New Orleans.


• 1½ oz Boukman Rhum
• ½ oz Oloroso sherry
• ¾ oz orgeat
• ¾ oz lemon juice
• ice
• 2 pineapple wedges
• cinnamon

{ Process }
Combine first five ingredients in shaker. Shake thoroughly, serve up.
Garnish with pineapple wedges & fresh grated cinnamon.

Named for Croix–des-Bouquets to the east of Port au Prince,
one of the two regions Boukman’s sugar cane comes from